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1331 Silas Deane Highway
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109

Valerie King

Mortgage Loan Officer

Valerie King has been in the real estate and housing industry for over thirty-five years.  Transitioning from a long career as a real estate broker, Valerie has full knowledge of the importance of real estate contract dates and deadlines.  As a former Freddie Mac agent, Valerie has knowledge regarding the cost of renovations and has done work providing BPO’s (Broker Price Opinions); a report that assesses the market value of properties.   She is experienced in the field of real estate investing, is a Connecticut landlord and is aware that various types of mortgages can be used for successful real estate investing. Valerie has also renovated several properties using various mortgages to accomplish her goals. Due to her experience as an educator; K-12, Valerie is patient and takes the time to provide the information that is required for a successful mortgage transaction.   She is a former music teacher and enjoys all genres of music including Baroque, Classical, Renaissance, Gospel, and Hip Hop. She holds three Connecticut licenses in the area of mortgage loan origination, real estate (real estate broker) and  insurance (insurance broker) including lines in life, health, property and casualty.    She has three children with her husband of over forty years and lives in Woodbridge, Ct. where she serves on the Conservation Committee and is a member of the Writer’s Workshop. 

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